DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator WiFi FPV Drone Review

DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator WiFi FPV Drone Review
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Do you want to try shooting aerial videos and photos, but you’re not sure whether you want to invest in an expensive drone? With the DBPOWER UDI U942 Predator WiFi FPV Drone, all the money that you are going to spend is worth it.

This unmanned aerial vehicle, or simply drone, might be more expensive than others, but it’s fully loaded with useful features, allowing you to experience the fun of shooting footage with a bird’s eye view.

This will take your photography and cinematography literally to a whole new level as you capture the beauty of a place or the intensity of an action in a different perspective. Your projects are sure to look like you’ve never seen before.

This drone shoots aerial videos and photos with an HD Camera that has 720P and 30 fps. It features FPV real-time transmission so you can hover and see the videos or photos that your camera is shooting in your mobile phone at the same time.

You can even fly using the mobile application, giving you total control over your drone. To extend your flying time, the DBPOWER UDI U942 Predator WiFi FPV Drone package includes 2 lithium polymer batteries.

Pilot your drone safely by engaging the headless mode. Do some 360° flips in the air.


  • A ready-to-fly (RTF) drone that is complete with necessary things you need for flying the drone
  • 6-axis gyro flight control technology
  • Maximum flight time is 6 to 9 minutes
  • Maximum control distance is 50 to 80 meters
  • Charging time is 150 minutes
  • Equipped with an HD camera with 720P that shoots videos at 30fps
  • Features new FPV for real-time transmission or video streaming via mobile phone application
  • Features gravity induction for a total control over the drone
  • Includes a 4GB removable Micro SD memory card for storing videos and photos of aerial shots
  • Includes headless mode for easier forward, backward, and sideways movements
  • Allows 360° flips and rolls for a more fun flying experience
  • Works with VR headset
  • What’s in the box: quadcopter with camera, 2.4Ghz controller, (2) 1000mAh lithium polymer batteries, USB battery charger, Micro-SD card, card reader, 4 extra propellers, and a user manual

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Drones with the camera are in demand today because they make photography fun and exciting even for amateur photographers and videographers. One of the brands that will prove this true is the DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator WiFi FPV Drone.

It comes complete with all the necessary things you need for your first flight. It is almost ready right out of the box. Even professionals will have a great time piloting this drone.

The FPV camera included in the drone connects to your controller as well as to your mobile phone so you can watch the view from the camera’s perspective. It will shoot in high definition at 720P and 30fps; this means you will get clear aerial photos and videos of a destination you have visited or of an event you are covering.

What makes this drone different from cheaper drones is its control system. You should be able to control your quadcopter with ease without complicated movements.

For this drone, you actually have two ways. The first is to use the 2.4GHz controller, and second is to use the mobile application. As you watch the live streaming, you can better capture the area from above by adjusting the speed, angle, or direction of your drone.

What’s even better is when you activate the headless mode. In other words, your orientation will always be your controller’s orientation and not the drone’s head, so moving forward, backward, and sideways is easier and faster.

Aside from this, a great drone should also be able to withstand strong winds. This drone has a 6-axis gyro flight system combined with its powerful motors that will ensure you a stable flight that conquers tough aerial conditions.

And since the flight time of this drone is only 6 to 9 minutes, it is better to have spare batteries. Luckily, the package includes an extra lithium polymer battery that is also rechargeable.

And to help you be ready for anything, the manufacturer includes 4 replacement propellers. The low voltage feature even minimizes accidental crashing, keeping your flight safer.


The problem that you may encounter while using this powerful drone is the overheating of the motor and circuit board. This could affect the outcome of the footage and photos, especially in rough weather conditions.

Aside from this, another thing that you should note is that it does not have so many options for hovering. Some people think that the mechanisms are too basic.

Lastly, the batteries take too long to charge. You have emptied the spare one and still, have an hour to wait for the other battery to finish charging.


Overall, the DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator WiFi FPV Drone is an excellent choice for beginners and drone enthusiasts. The camera is great and the FPV feature is even better.

You can also control the drone via mobile phone. These innovative features will surely make this camera unique and desirable.

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