Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone: The All-in-One Drone

Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone
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It is very rare that a manufacturer is able to put together all the in-demand features and functionalities of a certain product. The same is true for drone manufacturers. To improve a drone’s battery life, some features have to be left out, which is also true when it comes to improving its speed.

The good news is that this is not always the case. With all the technological advancements we have accomplished today, drones have also been upgraded. One such drone is the Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone.

Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone

Force1 Drones with Camera and GPS – B2W Shadow MJX Bugs 2 Long Range Drone for Adults and Kids w/ 1080P HD Camera, Auto Return and Extra Battery

Most powerful drones leave out the basic functions, such as altitude hold, to be able to increase their speed. This makes them inappropriate for children and beginner flyers.

Although comparable to professional drones on the market, you won’t have to sacrifice this feature if you choose the Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone. Let us take a look at what it offers to know if this is the drone for you.


Here are the best features of the Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone:

  • Remarkable Design

The first thing that you will notice with this camera drone is how sleek it looks. Its black and orange colors make it stand out from the rest. It is made of high-quality and durable materials that not only make it shiny and cool but also long-lasting.

Its body is one big chunk without distracting tiny, fragile pieces that could easily be broken or removed during crash landings. The propellers are directly connected to the body of the drone, and the camera is also built-in and secured.

This drone does not come with a lot of screws, making this drone look flawless. The Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone is more than just a good-looking drone. Its features and functionalities definitely live up to its beautiful design.

  • Multi-functional

Not all drones are created equal, but this drone from Force1 seems to have it all. It is a camera drone, FPV drone, WiFi drone, and racing drone in one. It connects easily with any Android or iOS device, so the user can capture high-quality photos and videos using its built-in 1080p camera.

This drone also has incredible transmission and connection, so it is able to provide first-person viewing experience (FPV) to the user. The transmission of the view is almost real-time, so it can be used for basic surveillance and other similar purposes.

Because it has a powerful motor, this drone can also be used as a racing drone. It can fly as fast as real racing drones because of its triple-threat flight control feature. However, it can still be used by beginners because the manufacturer did not leave out the headless mode and altitude hold functions.

  • Long Battery Life

The package comes with a bonus 7.4V 1800mAh battery with electronic speed control to maximize its life. In total, it provides the user with 30 minutes worth of flying time with its two LiPo batteries that are both rechargeable.

The brushless motor also helps preserve the battery life of the drone. Its charger is also a UL-Certified Balance Charger ensuring safety and quality.

  • Quality Assured

Manufacturers boast the quality of Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone. They are based in Seattle and said that they had checked the quality of each individual drones, from the basic parts down to the manual, testing each drone in-house to ensure that they are at peak performance before being sold.

  • Versatility

Most drones are only either for professionals or for beginners. Some say they are for different kinds of users, but this drone is one of the few that really are. It has a combination of features including flying and stability as well as one-key take-off, landing, and return functions.

For those who want to take their drone flying to another level, the speed settings could be adjusted to give them some challenge and more excitement.

It is perfect for taking selfies, and even for providing professional photo and video coverage. It can be used with a mobile device, or it can be used with only the remote control. The possibilities are endless with the Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone.

  • Day and Night Flying

This drone is not only for day flying. It has LED lights that illuminate well to give visual pleasure to the users and spectators. These lights also ensure that it will not get easily lost even if it goes as far as 500 meters.

  • GPS Technology

This drone also has a GPS tracking system in place allowing it to easily locate the controller and go back with just a click of a button.

  • Powerful Motor

This drone uses the brushless motor technology that not only uses the batteries efficiently but also keeps the drone flying at top speed. It allows the drone to fly as fast as possible without heating up too much.

  • Superb Customer Service

Force1 provides top notch customer service. They have 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee. They also have 24-hour monitoring waiting for buyers to provide feedback, and responds to customers as quickly as possible.


Having a Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone in your arsenal offers you the following advantages:

  • Child-friendly and beginner-friendly drone
  • Superb and customer service
  • 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee
  • Propellers hold up against crash landings
  • Good value for money


Then again, it also has a couple of disadvantages:

  • Does not have propeller guards
  • A bit pricier than most

Summary of the Features

The Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone is one of the few real multi-functional and versatile drones on the market. Its sleek appearance is matched by its awesome features, which include long battery life, high-quality parts, and flying stability.

This drone is perfect for day and night flying with its powerful motor and LED lights. Although its a bit on the expensive side, it is still a great purchase because of Force1’s good customer service and responsiveness to the needs of all buyers.

Comparison with a Similar Product

This drone from Force1 can be compared with the Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100. They are in the same price range, and they have almost the same features. Which do you think will be hailed as the better drone?

For starters, both the one from Force1 and the one from Holy Stone have GPS and one-key return capabilities. They are also similar when it comes to their headless mode, reliable flying stability, and 500-meter range of transmission.

However, the Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone has a better built-in camera that is 1080p HD compared to that of Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100, which is only 720P. The one from Force 1 also has a longer combined battery life amounting to 30 minutes compared to HS100’s 15-minute flying time.

The Verdict

It is easy to claim that a product has it all. However, the real test is when it is used and quality-tested. The quality of each Force1 F200W Shadow Camera Drone has been tested in-house and has been tested and retested by actual drone flyers. As a result, it can really be proven that it is the best among the best multi-functional and versatile drones on the market.



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