GoolRC T32 FPV Review

GoolRC T32 FPV Review
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Taking aerial photos and videos is a lot easier because of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. What’s even better is that they are more affordable today.

If you are considering buying one, look no further than the GoolRC T32 FPV Drone. This drone is a quadcopter type that includes a 720 HD Camera. This camera is really good, taking high-definition photos and videos with a bird’s eye view.

Aside from this, the drone also features FPV—allowing a first person view of everything the camera sees. Monitoring the flight and shooting are possible because of the Wi-Fi function that connects your drone and mobile phone.

This drone is also ideal for people who are always on the go. Apart from it is lightweight, the arm design is also foldable so you can portably pack it in your bag and bring it just anywhere it is needed.

Of course, this drone is great for beginners. The controls are easy to operate, allowing you to shift to any direction using the headless mode.

This way, you won’t get confused as to how you move your drone to the left, right, forward, or backward. Meanwhile, the 3D roll trick is easier to do because of the 6-axis gyro flying control system.


  • A white quadcopter drone, great for beginners
  • Maximum flight time is 8 minutes
  • Charging time is 50 minutes
  • Maximum distance: 70-100 meters
  • Has a built-in forward facing 720P HD camera for capturing photos and shooting videos
  • Allows FPV real time HD Transmission via Wi-Fi, allowing users of controls to see the current view above through a smartphone
  • Features foldable arms for increased portability
  • Features the latest 6-axis gyro flying control system and one key 3D roll or flips
  • Includes onboard SD memory card slot for Micro SD cards
  • Features headless mode for easier shifting to any direction
  • Features LED lights: Red for the rear and blue for the front
  • Features an altitude-hold function for safe and easy takeoff and landing
  • Flies steadily for stabilized shots and video footage
  • What’s in the box: quadcopter drone, 2.4Ghz controller, (2) 500mAh lithium polymer batteries, USB battery charger, and user manual
  • Note: 4 triple A batteries are needed for the controller (not included in the package)

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Drones for shooting aerial photos and videos have come a long way to what people normally see today. The current standard UAVs are much easier, user friendly, as well as budget friendly.

However, not everything is as durable as those expensive drones on the market. Luckily, you have a better and more affordable option, which is the GoolRC T32 FPV Drone.

For a drone this inexpensive, you might have expected that it was made up of nothing but low-quality material. On the contrary, this drone is well-built, which is why it is well-loved—not just by beginners, but also by more seasoned drone enthusiasts.

The included camera records and shoots high-definition videos and photos at 720P. This way, you can better capture the beauty of a particular place and the intensity of an action.

Drones for beginners should be easy to operate, and this drone does not fall short on that. Thanks to the FPV camera, you can view the aerial sights through your mobile phone in real time.

This function is advantageous to you because you will know whether you are shooting the right subject or not. Just do not forget to connect your drone to your mobile phone before launching it into a flight.

Another good reason to choose this over other cheap drones is its portability. It has foldable arms so that you can carry it anywhere you go. It is also as light as 1.4 lbs.

While drones of the same price can only fly about 50 meters or less, this one can cover a distance of 70 to 100 meters. That is much wider and higher than the others. Meanwhile, the average flying time of this drone is 7 minutes.

Like more expensive drones, this one also has a headless mode, altitude-hold mode, and one key 3D Roll. All these features allow you to experience the thrill of capturing footage like a pro in the simplest way.


Since the drone has foldable arms, you must take note to set them carefully in the right position every time you are making a flight. Ensure that the arms are extended because failure to do so can lead to poor flight performance.

Aside from this, you should also check the condition of the wind before flying because this drone has poor wind resistance. Being lightweight is a good thing, but not when the strong winds come.


Overall, the GoolRC T32 FPV Drone is an amazing learn-to-fly drone for beginners. It lets you experience the fun and adventure of taking aerial videos and photos in the simplest and most affordable way.

Thus, it is a highly recommended beginner drone.

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