Goolsky FQ17W Mini RC Quadcopter Review

Goolsky FQ17W Mini RC Quadcopter Review
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Flying multi-copters can be fun, right? It is also intriguing to be engrossed in these things since they are emerging as one of the latest and frenzied hobbies. Most of the time, people start out by simply picking up the radio controller and begin flying them, without having much actual knowledge of these copters.

Hence, it is ideal for a beginner to get an inexpensive, yet sturdy, ready-to-fly drone to start out with. In addition, you should also be prepared to choose a mini-quad that is small and light, which may incur less damage to people or properties.

The Goolsky FQ17W Mini RC Quadcopter is by far, one of the best reasonably priced drones suitable for use by novices. It is relatively easy to use and understand, and is also fairly light and compact enough because of its foldability characteristic.


  • First person view (FPV) with live transmission straight from your phone
  • Easy to maneuver, with synergy to the angle of the mobile phone used
  • Foldable and flexible blades and airfoils
  • It has an altitude-hold function
  • It has 3D flip and headless functions, making it thrilling to use
  • It has built-in LED lights utilized for directions at night time
  • Quick charging
  • It has a one key takeoff/landing

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The main feature that defines the Goolsky FQ17W Drone is its built-in FPV real-time transmission, where you can monitor and live stream videos captured by the drone itself, straight from your mobile device. Owning a smartphone is not a requirement, since you can still fly it on its own using the packaged remote controller.

One key advantage of using a mobile device as its controller is that you can operate the mini drone depending on the orientation of your gadget because of its gravity-induction mode. Tilting your mobile phone in any direction would also maneuver the drone relative to the phone’s angle.

Another neat plus in using a connected device is that you can draw the drone’s flight course on your smartphone!

The Goolsky FQ17W is also a compact sized drone, which can fit with no trouble in your hand or pocket. Apart from being small, the blades and airfoils of the drone are foldable and flexible enough, which aid to its safer use and portability.

Video live streaming or just plain capturing aerial images are made easier by the drone’s built-in altitude hold function. This notable feature allows users to suspend the drone in the air by just releasing the throttle, before shooting quality videos or images.

Flying the quadcopter is also quite enjoyable, thanks to its 3D flip and headless functions. The 3D flip function allows the mini drone to perform 360° rolls while airborne, while its headless mode allows the user to the fly drone regardless of its orientation.

Moreover, the LED lights inside make it possible for the drone to be flown even at night time.

The drone also charges quite quickly, with approximately 40 minutes charge time. Its ease of flight is also made possible by a single key in the controller for takeoff or landing.


The main drawback on the Goolsky FQ17W Mini RC Quadcopter is that its camera is not that powerful. Having only an ungenerous 0.3 MP camera, videos and images would most likely be grainy, particularly when shot from above.

However, this would be the case with most budget-friendly drones. As was mentioned, this drone is recommended for those who are just starting to get the hang of flying these things. A drone with a powerful camera would probably cost a lot more.

Although it was advised that the drone is most suitable for beginning hobbyists, some users have found that the mobile phone application controllers are difficult to master. It might take a while before beginners get the hang off of this particular drone.

Even though it has a steep learning curve, this particular drone is certainly enjoyable and rewarding once you understand this particular mode of function.

The battery life of this particular drone ranges from only around 10 to 12 minutes. However, and rightfully so, this is because equipping a more heavy-duty battery would weigh the drone down and would eliminate its small and lightweight properties.


The Goolsky FQ17W Mini RC Quadcopter is definitely a perfect option for new users as well as for those experienced ones, particularly for those who are looking for a quality, yet budget-friendly quadcopter. We highly recommend it because of its FPV live-streaming and 3D functions, making it truly a remarkable drone for recreational use.

The drone itself can also be easily stored and carried around because of its foldability property. Overall, we would say that it is a well-made model suitable for its price and performance.

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