How Do You Fly A Drone

How Do You Fly A Drone
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After buying your first quadcopter, the next obvious step is to start flying it, right? But is there a proper way of how you fly a drone?

If you are having a hard time of flying your newly purchased drone, it is to be expected since flying a multi-rotor has a steep learning curve. It’s a process, and everyone struggles with it in the beginning

True, it may be hard to learn and start from scratch since there are many things to consider when learning to control a device like this. That is why tutorials like these are here to guide you through your beginner’s journey.

The basics

Learning to fly a drone starts with understanding the basic functionalities of the drone and its transmitter. The transmitter is the hand-held device that comes with the package, which allows you to pilot your mini quad. Knowing and understanding what each part of these devices do will make you a skilled aviator in no time.

Right stick

The right joystick generally controls the “roll” and “pitch.” These function as your forward, backward, left, and right movements.

The “roll” moves the drone to either left or right. Basically, when rolling, your drone would angle diagonally downwards in either direction. The “pitch,” in contrast, tilts your quadcopter forwards or backward.

Left stick

On the other hand, the left joystick controls the “yaw” and the “throttle.” These two basically lift your drone up and rotates it along the central axis.

The “yaw” rotates your mini quad either clockwise or counterclockwise while the “throttle” allocates power to the drone’s propellers to get airborne.

Taking off from the ground

Read the instructions

The most crucial step in flying is that you should have carefully read and understood the instructions provided in the package with your drone. Memorizing the instructions lessens overall future problems.

Position your quadcopter

Make sure that you place your drone in a space where danger is not imminent. For safety measures, place it around 5 meters away from you, knowing which parts are the front and back.

Sync the transmitter with the drone

Most remote-controlled drones require you to bind it with the transmitter before taking off. This is usually done by moving the left joystick down before turning on the transmitter.

Use the throttle

We already know that the throttle is located at the left joystick. We also know now that it is what gives power to your propellers for them spin and launch.

Pushing the throttle upwards would now make your drone take off! If, however your drone leans diagonally, you can use the roll and pitch command found in your right joystick.

Balance your drone

After taking off, the next step is to balance or hold the drone in position while it is airborne. This basic maneuver is probably the most tedious and most required, so practicing this for a while makes a lot of sense.

Hovering and landing your drone

To hover, you will need to balance the use of the throttle as well as the right joystick. You must also remember to put the yaw in place to prevent your quadcopter from rotating.

In attempting to land, you have to push the throttle command downwards. Try to cut back on the throttle slowly so as to allow your drone to land softly.

Flying forwards/backward and right/left

Once you have adjusted to taking off and hovering, it is time to operate your drone in the desired direction. The right joystick comes into play here.

Stabilize your drone first, usually by allowing it to hover at eye-level in front of you. Gently push the right joystick forward to fly your drone forwards.

At the same time, keep an eye on the throttle. You should be able to maneuver your drone forwards while keeping it at a steady throttle position.

Gently thrust the right joystick backward to bring your drone back towards you. Continue flying backward for a few meters before releasing the joystick.

Lastly, try to maneuver your drone side-to-side and this is pretty straightforward. Move the right joystick to the right to move right, or to the left to fly left.

Remember to fly not more than a few feet from your initial position since you are beginning to learn to fly.

With that, you have learned the basics of how you fly a drone. With practice, you will master the art of flight in no time.


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