What Are Drones Used For Today?

What Are Drones Used For Today
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In the past, when people hear about drones, they feel threatened about the possible terrorist attacks, wars, and spying. Decades have passed, and the negative impression towards drones have changed. They are now produced commercially that even an ordinary person can own one. This leads to the question, “What are drones used for today?”

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are operated by an onboard computer programmed to a specific target. Some drones transport weapons for military purposes, others are used for firefighting. Today, drones are widely used for civilian purposes such as taking photographs and shooting commercials. They come in different sizes, from a few inches to approximately 200 feet.

What Are Drones Used for Today?

Drones are widely used for commercial purposes today. It helps companies to cut costs by doing the tasks that a manned aircraft used to do in the past. They are cheaper to construct, smaller, and does not need manpower. Imagine the possibilities and activities that a drone can do with just a computer onboard.

Here are some examples of what drones are used for today:

Package Delivery

Many companies use drones to deliver products and items to their customers. On your next order for pizza, imagine a drone carrying a box of pizza on your doorsteps. These kinds of drones can carry several boxes of pizza and are powerful enough to deliver it quickly and efficiently.

Amazon also has started using drones to deliver small packages in selected regions. Wal-Mart also has the same plan. The UPS is testing drones to deliver packages this way too, especially on off-beaten paths. Companies are able to cut delivery costs and reach more customers with drones.

Shooting Aerial Shots for Movies and Ads

In the past, when shooting aerial shots for movies and commercials, filmmakers had to hire helicopters, which we all know are expensive and time-consuming. Today, filmmakers and directors use drones to shoot aerial shots. With drones, they can conveniently take clean footage of what they want. In fact, even amateur photographers are using drones to take aerial shots.

Capture Live Events

Drones can deliver the kind of footage to the audience that no other device can. They can capture live events such as the public speeches of politicians, live sports, and concerts. Compared to the way live events were captured, drones don’t need to be hung from cables, which allow only limited movement. Drones can be remotely controlled to move in any direction.

Charting Dangerous Areas

Drones have made it possible for the humankind to reach and explore places that are beyond human possibilities. They can be sent to the deepest corners of the earth, which can be too dangerous and strange for the geologists and other professionals.

The NASA is able to have a closer look at faraway objects and places without relying on the satellites. The NASA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and other environmental agencies can track storms as they progress and move around. The drone called Global Hawk can roam for 30 hours straight and cover 11,000 miles.

Relief operations during natural disasters have been made possible and easier through the use of drones. They fly above the roads and boats that are blocked to collect data and send reliefs to the people.

Monitor the Fields

One of the most useful applications of drones is in the agriculture. Farmers can observe the conditions of the field with the aerial shots taken by the drone. Small drones are built with sensors that track the health of the crops and soil. It helps in 3D mapping to escalate the use of fertilizers, water, and other resources.

The drone market is getting big in agriculture. In fact, the Bank of America expects that 80% or approximately $82 billion of the overall drone sales will be used for agriculture purposes over the next decade.

In 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration supported the 200-pound unmanned helicopter to be used for spraying crops and fertilizers. In 2016, 48% of the commercial drones sold were used for agricultural purposes.

Engineering and Construction

Drones are also used to survey the construction sites and evaluate the progress of construction projects. They provide accurate data and measurement through the collected digital data.

Drones are seen as having a huge impact on the construction industry for the next four years. In fact, it is forecasted that drone sales intended for the construction industry will be as much as $5 billion in 2020.

The use of drones in construction has a lot of advantages. Among these advantages are cost reductions, more accurate data, minimize possible issues, and prevent delays.


Drones are used to monitor the places, people, and events that are currently happening, such as protests and big events. The use of a drone in business surveillance is limited to a specific range.

The government uses drones to investigate citizens, but it does not heavily depend on it. A popular example of surveillance drones is the British Black Hornet Nano UAV.


Many people enjoy flying drones to capture images, shoot videos, or participate in a race. Among all of the practical applications of drones today, everything boils down to a straightforward thing—they are entertaining.

Many people get interested in it, and some of them have already formed a drone hobby group. Whether you are an adult or child, a beginner or an experienced drone user, flying drones are a great form of entertainment.

Drone Main Features

What makes drones fly? Well, drones are made of lightweight composite materials that help ease maneuverability while flying. It has a room for additional equipment, such as a camera, computer, a navigation system, sensor, packages, GPS, and more.

Drones come in different shapes, sizes, and functions. Most of the drone models today are launched with a remote control, or with a special base station. Most drones that are used for leisure purposes usually come in small sizes and have a very simple built, so they are suitable for adults and kids alike.


In knowing what are drones used for today, we have discovered that they are no longer confined for military and surveillance purpose only. They are now utilized for a very wide variety of uses that generally make chores easier and possible.

Although civilians, even kids, can use them, it is important to do so with caution and responsibility. Avoid invading privacy or using them to do something illegal.


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