What Are Drones Used For

What Are Drones Used For
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Perhaps it is inevitable that unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have taken the commercial and consumer scene by a storm, thanks to their multi-functional purposes. UAS, or drones, in a simple manner serve diverse purposes, whether as tools for commercial aerial surveillance or simply for capturing eye-in-the-sky footage. But exactly what are drones used for?

It is no wonder though that many small- and large-scale companies, or even individual tycoons have put them to good use. A future of our skies filled with hovering mini machinery is somehow not so distant anymore.

With that, let us check out some of the most popular uses of these intriguing tiny aircraft to get a picture of what drones are used for.

Motion picture filmmaking

Probably the most obvious use of drones in the commercial industry is in the creation of motion pictures. Most high-end camera drones are equipped with 4K ultra high-definition cameras, a stabilizing system such as a 3-axis gimbal, and 120fps slow-motion capture.

With these assets, filmmakers, both amateur and professional alike, can capture different types of scenes, from basic landscape cinematography to intense motorcycle or car chases.

Starting in 2014, drones have been used in filmmaking. Their incorporation led to the reduction of costs associated with gathering aerial footage, which, up till now, required expensive, high-end equipment.

Additionally, drones have also served as an alternative to cable-attached cameras particularly in sporting events, to capture material cable cameras cannot reach. In fact, they were used during the 2014 Winter Olympics, particularly in the events of skiing and snowboarding.

In the future, we can already expect drones to be used in collecting information via live broadcast.

Aerial surveillance

Another, and undoubtedly, one great purpose of drones are security and surveillance. Drones can help monitor personal movements to aid in catching crooks.

Plus, as a criminal, seeing these drones hovering around and staring at you would scare them away before they could do anything.

Drones can serve as an aid to electrical companies in inspecting tall power lines and concrete structures, saving them a lot of money as well as human casualties. The fire department, on the other hand, can use them to track the location of wildfires and plan for what personnel might be needed or the equipment that might be needed to fight the blaze.


Numerous drone companies mention agriculture as a field that would benefit exponentially from drone technology. In particular, one agricultural consultant used a drone to count hundreds of thousands of tomato plants to account how much loss was incurred during transplantation.

Mapping to study the farmland and its irrigation system is another function drones can serve. In fact, this would allow some farmers to cut down on some of these time-consuming inspection procedures.

Drones can also be used as airborne pesticide, water, or fertilizer sprayers on crops. As for livestock, quadcopters help in monitoring the animals on vast land areas, letting livestock farmers check on their animals’ population count and health.

Shipping and delivery

Another popular and apparent function of drones is in shipping and delivery. Whether pizzas, small packages, letters, or medicines, as long as they are lightweight and are only from a short distance away, delivery via drones is possible. This specific purpose would make the delivery system more efficient and economical.

Online companies like Amazon and delivery firms like DHL and UPS see the potential for this added service. As a matter of fact, Amazon has launched Prime Air, a delivery system where they safely transport packages to customers using drones.

Search and rescue operations

Installation of thermal sensors in drones would assist in locating missing people, particularly at night time. Usually, missions like these are time constrained and with the help of drones, locating victims can be done more swiftly.

Aside from locating missing persons, delivery of emergency supplies via drones is another possibility, particularly if the target location is remote and inaccessible.

Engineering and construction sites

Many engineering firms are now using drones to gather information in maintenance inspections and cable transmissions. In addition, most of these firms are involved in different projects like construction and planning of infrastructure. With the advent of drones, accelerating and increasing the efficiency of their work is at hand.


Let’s not forget that despite the abundance of applications these drones can serve, it all boils down to a simple thing—they are amusing to use! Whether you’re a beginner or involved in drone hobby groups, as long as you are passionate in flying, these flying devices are for you.


What are drones used for? All of the above, and just about anything you can think of!


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