What Drone Should I Buy

What Drone Should I Buy
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So, you decided that you want to buy a drone and see for yourself what the craze is all about. But you’re probably wondering, “What drone should I buy?”

Perhaps the most innovative and thrilling technology to come out in recent years, drones serve a plethora of purposes, and knowing what you want from one can help guide you which among the available ones suit your needs. Whether you are buying your very first drone or upgrading to a new one, you have to know where to start.

Listed below are some of the types of drones to choose from, what features to consider, and other necessary information.

Types of drones

Purchasing a drone is not too complex when compared to, say, buying a new smartphone. In fact, classifying them is much easier, in which you can categorize them in 2 broad choices: Large, HD-camera-bearing quads vs. Lightweight, compact, camera-free models.

For most drone enthusiasts and video professionals, a drone needs to have a camera that can shoot stunning footage while traveling across the sky. And why not since this is probably the main purpose of this machinery?

On the other hand, conventional hobbyists or beginners just want a drone that they can control airborne, sacrificing the advanced specifications for a lower price and a lighter model.

On another note, most indoor toy drones come with simple built-in cameras. However, most of these can only shoot low-quality footage, which is not ideal if you want to make a movie.

Aside from camera and size differences, these drones also differ in how they can be maneuvered. Most toy drones are usually synced with a smartphone and steering them depends on the orientation of the mobile device. In contrast, larger and video-shooting camera drones usually come with a separate controller.

Other types of drones include racing drones, which are geared towards adrenaline-driven aviators, and professional drones, which are used by videographers, filmmakers and broadcasters.

Features to look for


Given that you want high-definition photographs and footage, you need a drone with a camera specification that packs a punch. Look for drones at the high-end of the spectrum in terms of photo and video resolutions. Find something that can capture at least 1080p photos and quality 4K footage


Despite having a high-resolution camera drone, photos captured may still appear shaky and blurred. An integral gimbal, or a camera stabilization system, lets you shoot sharp photos and videos while your drone moves around in strong winds and high-altitude areas.

Battery life

Just like any other device, drone batteries drain down after a couple of flight. Most high-end models boast a 20-30-minute battery life, while toy drones usually last around 8-10 minutes.

This is because the best models are mostly equipped with high-powered, heavy-duty batteries while the entry-level ones are only installed with lightweight ones to compensate for their small size and weight.

First-person view (FPV)

Toy and high-end drone models alike have a first-person view in their features. It gives the owner the option of point-of-view piloting. As for drone racing, additional FPV goggles are worn for a more immersive experience.

Headless function

An added feature to suit drone-flying for beginners, the headless mode will make your drone travel to any direction, regardless of the way the drone is oriented.

Integrated GPS

Premium drone models have a built-in GPS. This feature allows your drone to return to you safely, with the return-to-home or RTH feature. In addition, the integrated GPS also helps in navigation as well as the stability of the drone when it is hovering in place.


The range of the drone determines how far away it can fly around before controlling it becomes choppy. With this, professional and higher-level models can reach as far as 800 meters to a kilometer whereas budget-friendly ones typically have a range of 100-300 meters.

Should I buy it?

In the end, it boils down to your preference. As the end user, you are the best judge which among the drones in the market suits what you want to do with it.

As a starting hobbyist, you are better off starting with a toy drone or renting one to get the hang of flying. After you have trained in the mechanics of drone flying, you can then transition to buying an intermediate model.

We hope this information is sufficient in answering the seemingly daunting question of what drone you should buy.


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